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Understanding the Iowa mold and air quality of your home is very important. We know that’s why you’re here. Most likely you think you may have an indoor air quality or mold problem, maybe a health issue or you have been told you have mold or radon problems. You’re here to look for answers.

Please remember that we are a specialized company that only tests for Mold and Indoor Air Quality in the state of Iowa. We work for you with no ties to mold remediation companies. We only test! This way we can help provide a clear and understandable approach to the mold and/or indoor air quality of you home.

At Midwest Indoor Air Quality we are here to help you understand your indoor environment. Because there are no EPA guidelines for Iowa mold or indoor air quality (with the exception of radon gas), we feel that the most effective approach is to do a detailed home evaluation. Iowa mold and indoor air quality poses specific challenges due to our ever changing weather conditions and spring flooding. We believe that you should never start testing for mold until a home evaluation is performed.

So, if you’re having problems, take an active roll. Always consult your doctor or health care provider first concerning all health issues. Then give us a call to arrange a home evaluation. You’re on your way to understanding your mold and indoor air quality.

Contact us today for an indoor air quality analysis, begin breathing the clean air your family deserves.

Call us at: 1-515-783-4669