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Did You Know?

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in those that do not smoke and kills more than 400 Iowans each year & over 21,000 nationally.

Your house could be making you sick!

The EPA recommends that every home and school be tested for radon gas.

Your neighbor's home may not have elevated radon gas, but yours may. You won't know unless you TEST!

Elevated radon gas is found in new construction homes, older homes, homes on slabs and in homes built with passive radon systems. TEST!

Black mold is found in Iowa homes...as well as green mold, blue mold, gray mold and white mold...and it all can cause health problems!

We know why you are here, and YES we can help you!

Inspecting and testing homes since 2002!

Radon Testing & Mold Inspection

Welcome to Iowa’s Radon, Mold and Indoor Air Quality web site.  Indoor air quality is as important to our health as a good diet and exercise! We know why you are here.  The answer is YES, we can help you

We consult with you to determine “IF” testing is needed and provide state-of-the art testing methods. Our goal is to understand your concerns and provide a clear and efficient solution. Our business is designed to help you “IF” you have a problem and consult with you on a solution to your indoor air quality needs. Your family’s health depends upon it!


In Iowa radon gas intrusion in homes is 6 to 8 times higher than other states. See our radon page for additional information, but understand that avoiding the fact that you may have a toxic gas in your home is not the answer. Radon can be easily removed and the average cost of mitigation is less than we spend on new TV’s these days. Get a professional test and know your number. Don’t forget, we also offer school radon testing services in Iowa. Radon can cause lung cancer. Why wouldn’t you test?


If you have had a water intrusion, humidity issues or your house smells “musty”, you may have a mold issue. And this is a potential health risk. We serve central Iowa and surrounding areas as a third party testing company to inspect and test for potential mold problems. Our nationally accredited laboratory provides 24 hour turnaround and provides a consumer-friendly report. We help you understand if your issue needs professional help and also provide post-remediation testing to ensure the job is done right. Early detection is the key!


Volatile Organic Compounds, including Mold VOC’s are everywhere, but when trapped in our homes or businesses the result can be more than a bad odor. Our testing professionals in central Iowa will help you understand if the air in your home may be making you sick. See our VOC page for more information.