Mold & Air Quality Testing

Our families and employees deserve a safe environment in which to enjoy their home and work life. When the air quality is diminished by mold or other allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), or even smoke from previous tenants, our health and quality of life also are diminished.

Mold in Iowa

Mold is everywhere, inside and out. But when there are conditions conducive to mold growth, the air inside our homes can become contaminated with mold spores. Some species of molds are more toxic than others and some people are more sensitive to even small amounts of mold spores than others.  That is why it is important to test your environment for mold if you have had a water intrusion or humidity concerns. Midwest Indoor Air Quality technicians inspect your home or business and identify if testing for mold makes sense. Everyone is concerned about BLACK MOLD, but the truth is no one can identify BLACK MOLD without the use of trained biologists in a certified laboratory. When there is discoloration identified that we think may be mold, we test the ambient air in that area as well as the surface.

There are many species of molds in Iowa indoor environments. Our laboratory provides 24 hour turnaround, so we are typically able to provide you answers about your tests within 48 hours.  Our technicians are trained in mold assessment and testing and provide our clients recommendations about next steps if their tests indicate a problem. We are a third-party testing company with no affiliation to mold remediation companies.

Test for Mold in Iowa

If you suspect you have a problem with mold in your home or building call us. We will discuss your individual situation and help you understand if a mold inspection should be done. Have a professional mold inspection and testing performed. Reputable mold remediation companies recommend testing so they are able to ensure their work has greatly improved your living or work environment.

Air Quality in Iowa Homes

Homes are built tighter than ever these days. This is a great thing! But it can cause problems with the air we breath if there are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) or mold spores that trigger asthma, sinus issues, headaches, fatigue or a number of other conditions associated with poor air quality. Other air quality issues identified in Iowa homes originate from previous cigarette smoke in an environment, methamphetamine production or use, radon gas intrusion and even bacteria from standing water that is spread through the air. Call us to discuss any air quality concerns!