Mold Clearance Testing

Midwest Indoor Air Quality, LLC offers clearance testing for companies and individuals that need an assessment of conditions. They may need proof that their work has been done to reduce molds to non-elevated levels, or that professional mold remediation is not needed to move forward. The level of our involvement depends on the client’s goals and circumstances. We provide a Certificate of Mold Analysis confirming the results of tests to meet the goals of our clients.

We offer our services in Central Iowa as well as locations within 4 hours driving time (each way). We are known for our quick response and service, with typically 24 hour lab results. Call for a quote!

Companies That May Need Mold Clearance Testing

  • Mold Remediation Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Realtors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Environmental Testing Companies
  • Relocation Companies
  • Schools
  • Property Management Companies, including Apartment Management

Types of Mold Clearance Testing

Pre-remediation and interim testing are done to provide a benchmark by which our clients can understand if their efforts are effective. This may be part way through a project, so that they have an analysis before moving forward. An example is to test after a kitchen is removed and mold remediation is done, but before the flooring, walls or counters are put back in.
Specific testing is done when a client requests that a specific area be tested and analyzed by our lab. We are often the choice of realtors when an inspector or appraiser speculates on staining and suggests a mold testing professional assess the stain. When time is of the essence, call us for a quote!
Post-remediation testing is recommended after a mold clean-up or remediation. Because mold is one of the things that must be disclosed in a home sale, it is recommended to have proof that the mold was adequately removed from the surface and the air after completion. Typically, reputable mold remediation companies include third-party testing as part of their costs.