Qualifications Needed from a Radon Testing Professional

Iowa is a state which requires radon testing professionals be credentialed by the Iowa Department of Public Health. In addition to a required training and testing process, the state also requires its radon testing professionals to have in place an approved quality control process to ensure the accuracy of our testing methods and labs. All technicians at Midwest Indoor Air Quality, LLC are credentialed in radon testing methods for real estate transactions, consumers, schools and large buildings. Continuing education is required by the state for annual renewal of our certifications.

Qualifications Needed from a Mold Inspector

Do not choose a mold inspector based on price alone. There are many services where you can price shop, but mold investigation and testing should not be one of them. Expertise should be top priority. Look for the following training, experience, and qualifications when choosing a mold inspector:

Biology Knowledge

Because mold is a living organism and subject to the principles of biology, it is very beneficial if the mold inspector understands basic biological and ecological science principles about microbiology or mycology, the study of mold.

Midwest Indoor Air Quality retains Tanner Francisco, Staff Biologist which helps us provide the highest level of professional service in our industry.

Lab Results Interpretation and Mold Training

Your mold inspector should be properly trained and experienced in investigating and sampling mold, and they should know how to interpret the lab results.

Midwest Indoor Air Quality holds certificates in Mold Assessment and Testing from Pro Lab and IAC2 (The International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants).

These certificates, along with our staff biologist provide unprecedented evaluation of test data.

Sample Lab Report

Home Inspections, Building Construction or Building Forensics

Your mold problem is not in a dish or cage. It is in a building and is the result of some form of building failure. So, mold testing should be done by someone who has knowledge of buildings, vapor barriers, roofing, HVAC systems and other related areas.

Midwest Indoor Air Quality is owned and operated by Dave Reynolds. Dave is a licensed Home Inspector with years of experience and over 1000 home inspections performed. He is certified by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), has attended The Professional Career Development Institute of Home Inspection and holds certificates in mold assessment and mold testing through Pro-Lab and IAC2 (The International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants).

Comprehensive Inspection Report

Your chosen mold inspector should give you a comprehensive inspection report documenting visual findings, environmental monitoring results, interpretation of lab results, inspector’s conclusions and recommendations on how to control the mold problem.

Midwest Indoor Air Quality provides two detailed reports. Our lab report is issued by a certified, independent environmental laboratory. A separate mold investigation and assessment report is issued, as well.

Sample Lab Report

Sample Assessment Report

EPA, State and Federal Guidelines for Mold Inspection

Mold assessment and testing is an unregulated industry. There are no EPA, State or Federal regulations or guidelines for mold inspection or testing. Hiring a well-trained, experienced Mold Testing Company is your best protection. A lab report alone, provided by a discount or inexperienced inspector will only result in your need to hire another mold inspector for interpretation of the results the discount inspector did not understand. Don’t waste time and money!

Midwest Indoor Air Quality professionals are well-trained, educated and experienced.

Midwest Indoor Air Quality is committed to responsible testing for all homes in Iowa. Inspect first then test responsibly!