School Radon Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends all schools nationwide be tested for radon gas. Second only to their home, schools pose the greatest risk for radon exposure for children. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Research is underway to determine if there is a link to other cancers, particularly those affecting children. Test Iowa schools for radon gas. Our children and educators deserve a safe environment.

The state of Iowa requires that companies testing schools for radon gas be credentialed in that testing method. All staff members of Midwest Indoor Air Quality, LLC are credentialed by the Iowa Department of Public Health to test for the method used to test for radon in schools. We use a state approved laboratory to analyze our tests and provide quality control data to ensure the accuracy of our testing methods. We set up a Radon Management Plan for schools as part of our testing program. Because we are credentialed in multiple methods of testing, we provide full-service school radon testing in Iowa.

“A nationwide survey of radon levels in schools estimates that nearly one in five has at least one schoolroom with a short-term radon level above the action level of 4 pCi/L (picoCuries per liter) – the level at which EPA recommends that schools take action to reduce the level. EPA estimates that more than seventy thousand (70,000) schoolrooms in use today have high short-term radon levels.” From EPA’s publication “Radon in Schools

Also review the EPA’s recommendations for managing radon in schools.