VOC’s in Iowa Homes and Businesses

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are in our living and work environment throughout the country. Although the air we breathe in Iowa may seem better than in other parts of the country, our indoor environments still contain compounds and toxins which put our health at risk . Buildings are built much tighter and more energy efficient than they were fifty years ago. Sometimes VOC’s cause physical health symptoms and other times they cause an odor that makes an environment unpleasant.


VOC’s are often produced as building materials off gas. Formaldehyde is an off-gassed VOC that is a known carcinogen. We are able to provide an analysis of the formaldehyde in your Iowa home or business.

Mold VOC’s in Iowa Homes and Businesses

Midwest Indoor Air Quality, LLC is able to test your environment for VOC’s, including living MOLD Volatile Organic Compounds. We discuss each client’s concerns and help them decide when this test may be helpful. We test for VOC’s in Iowa homes with a few different methods. We are able to customize our testing method to help you solve air quality issues in your home or office.

Customized Testing Methods

We use professional laboratories to analyze these tests and provide expert opinion on the results of your tests. We provide you with a report of numerous compounds in your indoor environment, and offer solutions for improving that environment and ultimately the health and well being of your family or employees.