Why Us?

Welcome to Iowa’s Mold and Indoor Air Quality website. We know why you’re here. The answer is yes, we can help you!

Our goal is for you to understand your mold and other indoor air quality issues. Our business is not based on fixing your problem. Our focus is on finding out IF there is a problem, and then to provide you with an understandable solution.

Certified Mold and Radon Professionals

Dave Reynolds, owner of Midwest Indoor Air Quality, LLC, has been certified by Pro-Lab, an Environmental, Microbiology Accredited Laboratory and a member of The Indoor Air Quality Association and has successfully completed the course in Mold Assessment. Dave is also a Licensed Home Inspector with close to one thousand home inspections under his belt.

Sherry Reynolds, Director of Midwest Indoor Air Quality LLC, has also obtained certification in Mold Assessment and Testing. Sherry leads the company in expansion to multiple methods of radon testing certifications and environmental hygiene.

Our approach to your indoor environment is very specific:

  • First a home evaluation is performed
  • Areas of concern are identified (visible signs of mold or moisture)
  • Test only if needed
  • Provide a clear, understandable solution

Relax. Know that Midwest Indoor Air Quality is here to help you understand your indoor living environment.

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